Friday, July 23, 2010

week 5

What will you do next if you pass the CAHSEE? I will be so happy if i pass the CAHSEE, I will go to my school to get my diploma and i will start going to college.

What will you do next if you DON'T pass the CAHSEE? If I dont pass the CAHSEE i will still go to school and take some classes at college untill i pass the CAHSEE I will not give up. How will your goals change?(remember you have up to two years to the test and there are classes available through Oakland Unified School District) My goals will never change it will be the same and i will work hard to get my diploma.

What will you do to have lots of energy and positive attitude next Wednesday when you take your test? I will go to bed early to get some rest, when i wake-up in the morning i will also eat a goog bearkfastthen get ready for my test.

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