Friday, July 23, 2010

week 3

Fractions Decimals and Percents Week!How did fractions week go for you?ANSWER:The fractions got better the more i did them i actually have been learning the work instead of just doing it.Did you finish you Number Sense packet?ANSWER:Yes i did finish my number sense packet.What were some of your challenges?ANSWER:my challanges are actually going over the work so basically studying.What were some of you successes?answer:im now taking time out to learn how to actually how to do the different steps it takes to slove the problems.Do you understand fractions, decimals and percents better now?answer:yes i doWhat do you still nee to work on?answer:

my week 3 goes well. fractions are easier than other math problems. yes i did finish my number sense packet. i learn a lot of things this summer so that can help me on the test. i understand how to do fraction stactics and persons. i need to work on decimals.

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