Friday, July 23, 2010

week5What will you do next if you pass the CAHSEE?--I will go to college and i will move on with life and be very happy i passed the cahsee and go pick up my diploma.What will you do next if you DON'T pass the CAHSEE?--I will continue to take it until i pass it because that is important.How will your goals change?(remember you have up to two years to the test and there are classes available through Oakland Unified School District)--My goals would change because i would probably give football up to take care of my cahsee.What will you do to have lots of energy and positive attitude next Wednesday when you take your test?--I will go to sleep at9:00p.m to get extra hours of sleep and when i wake up eat a nutritious breakfast and be very motivated.

i would be happy if i pass the cahsee so i dont have to worry the time when i reach my senior year. i will apply for college on my senior and try to get all my credits. i will do community service and do my senior project.

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