Friday, July 23, 2010

week 5

Many very successful people have experienced a lot of failure. But they didn't give up.They plan for success as well as failure.Look back at your goals.

What will you do next if you pass the CAHSEE?i will go to collage and get a job.

What will you do next if you DON'T pass the CAHSEE?then i will have to keep tring until i pass it.

How will your goals change?(remember you have up to two years to the test and there are classes available through Oakland Unified School District) i wouldnt be able to do what i need to do in order to become an emt.

What will you do to have lots of energy and positive attitude next Wednesday when you take your test? get rest and eat healthy that dawy and not tire myself out.

I believe in all of you! You have done a wonderful job this summer. Miss Abernethy

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