Friday, July 23, 2010

week 3 journal

how did fractions week go for you ? fractions week was pretty good, i learned how to do fractions better and understand the concept, it was pretty fun working out the fraction problems, I Love fractions!!.

did you finsih your number sense packet ? yes i finished my number sense packet but i got to other pages the long division i have to go over for extra points.

what were some of your challenges ? my challenges were the long division thats it i never knew how to work out long division untill now im getting help on it and the concept is getting to me.

what were some of your successes ? my successes were the fractions,decimals, pretty much the whole packet except for the long division but everything else was a successes.

what do you still need to work on ? the long divison, and the word problems, and graphing thats pretty much it.

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