Friday, July 23, 2010

Week 3 blog!

Fractions were good! i got most of ot down.. just little things i forget but im sure ill be ok! However i wish we had more time to study! hope things get better after this!

*I reall fineshed most of my number sense packet but it actually helped me a lot in diffferent ways! It made me want to read the cahsee book more then i would not doing the packet.

*My challenges were memorizing the steps for different problems! Its like o would do it and then when i would come to the same problem i would forget, which is not a good thing! i just ned top study hard and wish for the best!

*My success was full concentration on my work! i really feel confidence in doing this work on my own. Sometimes i would need help but i try and do things on my own mostly!

*yes i definitly understand fractions better then i did before. I could use a little more help in some problems! i think i got most of it down!

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