Thursday, July 8, 2010

Week 1 Journal~

In my first week of Cahsee was really good for me, it helped me be more and more prepared for the test! I have a lot of confidence that im going to for sure pass this next time. I really hope this class pays off. I feel that I can study more harder though so thats what im going to do for the next couple weeks until the test! Im really going to put my mind to this test and go for a 450 because that the highest score! Math is really my worst subject but for right now im going to make the best of it and pass this test so i can get my Highschool Diploma!!

As for the Cahsee Revolution prep it reall helped me learn little things about the test! I have learned steps and strategys to prepare for the cahsee!

The math skills that i know is for sure distributive property and some algerbra. It depends on the problem to because certain parts I'll know and other parts im completely lost.

I really feel like I need help with geametry and fraction s and graphs! Like I said it depends on the problem!

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