Friday, July 9, 2010

Oscar Grant

my response to the vertict is that it was very unequitable.I honestly feel that the officer should've had way longer than just 2 to 4 years,thats only for manslaughter.In my opinion it was 2nd degree murder,it just shows that even now the judicial system is still unfair after Africab=n Americans have had the most superior judges such as Thurgood Marshals, African Americans have already ensured so much such as lynchings,not receiving the same education as whites, being sold,broughten on a ship being judged and denied because of the color of our skin. It especially was'nt fair that the jury was all caucassian,most people already expected this to happe because whites dont want us to be self sufficient they always saw us as the minority, they never want to see us rise to the top. If it was a black officer who killed a white man it wouldve been a totally different outcome.Oscar Grant and his family deserve justice and this isnt justice at all, my mother was killed and I know that whoever killed her deserves a harsh sentence, a want that man to feel how me and my family felt when my mother was taken away from me. I wonder if things will ever change for the youth growing up and our future,I hope so but Matin Luther King once said that violence is not the answer, when you approach the situation without using violence America and society looks and respects you in another light, nonviolence get things done but it depends on who the people are dealing with the situation. Oakland was angry,when youre angry you do things you normally wouldnt do, they were angry because we are already loosing too many of our African American youth from them killing eachother, while the white man is just watching us do it,not trying to come into our community and make change neither is a cop, so it was messed up for a youth to loose his life because of a cops wrong decisions and faults, African Americans may never receive change and justive but burning down our own community and destroying it will never solve the problem

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