Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Goals

my name is Million Michel i am a stucent of Oakland Technical High School.
this is my 10 goals for this year.

July 2010 : finish summer school and pass the CAHSEE

August 2010 : volunteer in a library

September 2010 : prepare for my senior project

October 2010 : study hard

November 2010 : go to chicago to celebrate thanksgiving with my whole family

December 2010 : Celebrate my birthday and study for my half semister finals

January 2010 : doing my community service

February 2010 : doing my six page of essay for my senior project

March 2010 : do my power point for my senior projet

April 2010 : apply for college

May 2010 : study for my finals and present my senior project

june 2010 : graduate from high school

July 2010 : get a job and go to summer school in Alamida College

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